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Studio, fresh start.

Posted on February 23rd, 2014 by Filip

eye-of-the-storm After years of living the life of a bedroom producer, I’ve finally moved into a proper studio.  No more cramming gear into my living space; kitchen, dining room or den. Trying to compose a tune after roommates would leave for work was not always a relaxing task. Thanks to those who put up with my in-house setups and frequencies,


But now… it’s on! Proper sounding room is nothing but bliss, really looking forward to getting things done and crossing off those long ” To Do” lists. Proof that when it rains it pours, I already got booked for a show next month, and its a big one, once again it’s time to get busy. Special Big thanks to my new studio mates for sharing the awesomeness, I couldn’t be more grateful.


And on a side note; I didn’t notice till the other day, but my soundcloud plays have past the first thousand mark. Given the obscure nature of my music, and the fact that most of the plays have been my friends listening in, I would like to thank you all politely. Hope you will enjoy my future postings, as I am sure I will enjoy yours.