Aura and the Dark Fruit – EP

Documenting an epiphany, a brutal telling, something larger than fact… a spiritual landscape. All along the shores, like a silent drumbeat in the deep forest, the underlying spirits breathe. A collection of songs spanning from 2008-2012, all inspired by living along the Pacific Northwest.

Released by: Panospria

Release/catalogue number: 064

Release date: Feb 21, 2012

Link: http://www.notype.com/drones/cat.e/pan_064/

Subaqueous Works – EP

A modern electronic work that blends science fiction themes with underwater reflections. Filling your curiosity with arousing dynamics and thought provoking retrospectives. Subaqueous Works is a cool glass of water on a hot summer night. This is Górecki’s most ambitious composition to date. First released on Xynthetic Netlabel in 2010. Remastered and made  available on Bandcamp in  March 2016.

Released by: Self re-release

Release/catalogue number: 44

Release date: Jun 3, 2010

Link: https://filipgorecki.bandcamp.com/album/subaqueous-works


M10 was  self-released on cassette tape in 2008. A portion of the track was released on Xynthetic Netlabel under the name ‘Comrade’. This is an extended and remastered version put together for your listening pleasure. Visit the Bandcamp page for full download. Thanks.

Released by: Self Released

Release/catalogue number: 0-50

Release date: June 2008, Remastered in 2015.

Link: https://filipgorecki.bandcamp.com/album/m10